West End at Crown
Cnr Clarendon Street and Crown Riverwalk, Crown Entertainment Complex



project team
interior design: Cleo Design, Las Vegas, NV
architect: HBO+EMTB Melbourne
av design: Point of View
av installation: Corporate Intelligence, Digital Living
joinery: Wunda Projects Australia


carpet: Ulster, Brintons
lighting: Orion Chandelier, Lasvit
furniture: Kingwood, Artright, Fute Design, Edward Ferrell/Lewis Mittman, Cheng Meng

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Crown Casino’s latest endeavor “the West End” casino features a new direction in gaming for the well-known facility and offers a contemporary urban atmosphere with high energy. This casino has been styled to accommodate the local crowd with flair; to give the 30’s and 40’s crowd an elevated experience above the typical gaming crowd. Glamour, high style, with a funky attitude, this new Casino makes every visit dramatic and filled with anticipation.

Energy and excitement is generated by the dramatic white ceiling planes that float above, leading the guest toward a fantastic casino entry. As you travel down the promenade, sparkling light illuminates the gold mosaic abstract floral pattern on the floor. On the right, a powerful steel wall with a variety of glass panels transmits dancing light from the venue beyond. Straight ahead lays the portal to the casino floor. A swirling ceiling of glamorous glass bronze creates a wonderful fluid sculpture above. Vertical columns encircle the main entrance, undulating in height, developing into a wave wall to introduce the gaming floor.

Playful elegance with a hint of retro flair speaks of the vocabulary describing the main gaming floor. Stunning radial elements of timber and stainless steel rods span across the ceiling with halos of delicate polished chrome rings reflecting the high energy animation of the table games. A tapestry of rich jewel toned carpet colors are arranged in an abstract organic pattern, laid out in over-scaled and grand format. Encompassing the room are softly lit walls dressed in a warm textured silver wall finish.

Robe Robin 600 LED Wash

The super-slim ROBIN 600 LED Wash features 37x 10W RGBW multichip LEDs with colour output ranging from gentle pastels to the richest saturation.

ULA Group

Casino – AV details

Point of View was appointed to design an AV system for the casino floor and the brief called for a distributed audio system featuring Tannoy CMS 601 DC ceiling speakers. The audio system was designed to ensure that audio levels were audible without being dominant while maintaining a high intelligibility in the audio signal. The system is driven by Powersoft amplifiers. It was important for the audio system to be heard and not seen which is why we went with the ceiling speakers.

Lumia Bar/Lounge & Terrace
Proudly placed in the middle of the gaming action sits a social interactive gem. The venue is announced by a 60 meter long chandelier of diachronic glass faceted cubes appearing as a string of massive rock crystals. It is the “runway”, see and be seen.

The lounge beckons patrons young, active, progressive, and style driven looking for an exciting and elegant environment for drinks and games of chance in an atmosphere to be shared with a few hundred of their closest friends. 

A grand circular bar is the hub to the room with a glowing bar top that sets the mood of sophistication within the room. Two raised seating areas are placed on both sides of the bar and provide upholstered lounge furniture that offer a commanding view not only to the bar area but the action of the gaming floor. The room is encompassed by playful rope trim drapery creating more intimate spaces within. The drapery is a feature with two layers of fabric: The first a sensual black and gold sheer, the other beautifully tied series of ropes and thread. 

Designed in a circular plan, the lounge contains its own gaming area towards the expansive windows with an unequaled view of the city. The gaming area is a large two story volume that is placed under a blanket of sparkly glass light. This undulating beaded fixture reflects the

evening lights of the city during the evening and the dazzling sunlight during the day. Constructed with its own exterior balcony, the variety of gathering spaces provide for a unique experience.

Lumia Bar/Lounge and Terrace – AV Details

Point of View was appointed to supply the lighting and audio visual design for the Lumia Bar. The brief called for a distributed background audio system utilizing Tannoy CMS 601 DC, Tannoy CMS 801 Sub ceiling speakers, Tannoy CVS6 and Tannoy DI6 DC surface mount speakers throughout the lounge and terrace. A series of PNE521 and PNE 421 52” and 42” LCD panels are distributed around the lounge capable of playing a number of different video inputs. The audio system needed to have high intellibility and controllable sound pressure levels across the different zooms within the space. The system was installed by Corporate Intelligence. Audio Products Group supplied the Tannoy speakers.


The new QX Series is the optimal solution for installed system applications that require precise directivity in a powerful low-profile form. The QX596 is a 90° x 60° full-range, three-way loudspeaker ideal for applications including houses of worship, arenas, theaters and clubs.

Production Audio Services

The Common Room
The Common Room is intended to be a multi purpose use of space. Central to the concept is an elevated stage area that is dressed with drapery and an opportunity for a video projection screen that retracts when the stage is in use. A full-service beverage bar is placed between the stage and the public lounge. Granite stone top, back-lit bar lie in circular patterns of colored glass, and an interior lit bottle display are featured.  Wall mounted video monitors are placed at the perimeter of the room, each with a colored back-light assembly. The raised area of the lounge shares the wall with the retail promenade. The wall of steel and glass has integral lighting and allows a semi-transparent view between the promenade and living room.At the ceiling, a wood panel system with pre-manufactured aluminum fittings creates a puzzle pattern that can be backlit.  An eclectic variety of furnishings decorate the room including parlor-style games from the past.  A custom designed wool carpet with random graphic patterns is installed wall to wall.

The Common Room – AV/Lighting Details
Point of View was appointed to design an AV and lighting system suitable for a live performance space. The brief called for high quality sound system combined with moving stage lights and video projection supported by a series of LCD screens. The audio system is the real star of the room with two EAW QX596 speakers supported by four EAW SBK250 subwoofers. An EAW UX 8800 speaker manager unit drives signal into a K10, a K2 and a K6 Powersoft amplifiers while audio source signal is processed by a Wheatstone Digital Signal Processor. A structured cabling system allows for DMX and audio signal to be routed over CAT6 cables. The DMX signal is patched through the structured cabling system to the motorized lighting bars featuring ETC Source4 575/240x Profile fixtures, Robe Force 18 RGBW Par fixtures and Robe Robin 600LED RGBW wash fixtures.

There is a Panasonic PT-DZ6700EL projector projecting onto a motorized projection screen. The video system (including the 14 PNE521 Sharp LCD panels mounted around the perimeter of the room) is capable of displaying video content ranging from Free to Air Television to Pay Television to internal Crown Casino supplied content. The whole system is controlled by Crown’s own control system. The AV installer was Digital Living.


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