ACME “X” Force

In response to the global call of energy saving and environmental protection, and to meet the increasingly changing market demand, ACME launched a series of LED computer moving head light – “XA” series.

XA-600 FRAMING: 1X600W LED framing
XA-500 FRAMING: 1X440W LED framing
XA-400 SPOT PRO: 1X270W LED moving head
XA-400 BSW: 1X300W LED moving head with beam, spot, wash, 3 effects in 1 fixture
XA-100 BSW:1X90W LED moving head with beam, spot, wash, 3 effects in 1 fixture

❖LED as a green friend, compared with the traditional light source, LED energy-saving features are very prominent, the use of the process does not produce pollution. And the utilization of LED light source is very high, the same power, LED lighting efficiency is higher.

❖LED long life, up to 20,000 hours, greatly reducing the maintenance work time.

❖LED infrared radiation is very low, the stage work temperature dropped significantly, reduce thermal pollution, greatly improve the performance environment, reduce the cost of building investment for cooling.

❖Exceptional thermal design, efficient discharge of heat, reduce light failure, safe operation for the equipment escort, users use no worries.

❖Easy to use, control system greatly simplified, reduce the use of cost.

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