Project Team

design: TomMarkHenry


lighting: Wilcox Barn
furniture: Instyle Furniture, Canalside,

Brooklyn Social is Surry Hills’ new dive bar and diner serving fast-food, liquor and music till late.

Heavily influenced by the 60s and 70s rock and roll movement of New York, Brooklyn Social provides a modern take on the classic American diner. Brooklyn Social dives into the world of Gin with a selection of over 40 gins, ranging from Jenevers to Bathtub gins, with an emphasis on locally crafted spirits.

The design brief for Brooklyn Social was to create a locals hangout; a homage to the great Brooklyn dive bars and rock n roll scene of New York circa mid 60s/70s. This is the ambience that is evoked through the design and details of the venue.

Entrance to the site is through a garage door, retained as a unique entrance to the venue, which the designers have masked with black vinyl curtains. There is also an outdoor smoking room that has 180 degree views of Surry Hills to the City.

Make your way through the roller door and black vinyl sheeting masking the entrance and you’ll find rich leather banquettes, punk rock black and white graphics, neon signs, revealing posters, stripped-back timber benches, and tartan fabric-covered walls.

A specialist rock ‘n roll stylist was contacted to source authentic memorabilia from the 70s rock era, and Art Director Nathan Sullivan worked alongside the designers to ensure the messages delivered were on brand and that each element that was added to the space told a story about the history of the rock n’ roll scene in Brooklyn in the 70s. The use of graphics in the space was developed in collaboration with a team of artists and graphic designers.

Natural light pouring in from the west facing windows proved to be an obstacle in achieving the dive bar feel of an afternoon.

The kitchen service area was extended to allow for more efficiency for plate runners and tables were made higher to make service easier for staff. Restructuring the layout to maximise the plan created the feeling of space. The open space allows for easy movement for both staff and customers.

The finishes applied to the space create an inviting and welcoming vibe. The colour scheme and textural qualities of the space really reflect the rock n roll, dive bar feel and tell a story about the venue and the great dive bars of Brooklyn.

This is the ethos behind the brand, and the story is told through the interior. Every decision was made with this in mind.

The tartan fabric-covered walls, to which a unique ageing treatment was applied was inspired by 70s punk rock outfits. This is one of the main features of the space, which in the designers’ opinion ties the concept together.

Lighting fixtures from the era were repurposed, giving the lighting a more authentic feel. Teamed with bold neons, the lighting definitely makes Brooklyn Social a space that will appeal to your inner rock star.


Industri Chair

Industri chair has a gently curving timber seat for customer comfort and easy care, commercial finish for superior durability.The striking flared legs add a modern silhouette and are available finished in either black or white powdercoat and have rubber stops to protect your flooring.

Instyle Furniture

Client testimonial:

“The response to Brooklyn has been overwhelming – in a good way. We were not prepared for how busy it would be in the first few weeks! The team we have put together is incredible each bringing personalised service and making our venue stand out from the crowd. Staff are finding the venue easy to move around from table to table when serving drinks and during table service. Customer feed back has been great, in regards to the design and the layout. The venue is open plan and encourages group dining.”