BSeated Global at the Garden Kitchen and Bar

QLD’s first casino has just recently opened up their third restaurant in twelve months! It is aptly named the Garden Kitchen and Bar and is surrounded by acres of lush tropical gardens that provide stunning views and make for the perfect outdoor dining experience.

BSeated Global had the pleasure of working with Jupiters Casino on this exciting project and were completely stunned by the finished product.

The Garden Restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, combining indoor and outdoor dining areas to create an open and communal dining space. Pair this with Sunday afternoon live music, a sun drenched deck, and ample lawn area for the kids – summer perfection!

The designers wanted to capture this indoor/outdoor vibe with modern and airy furniture that brought the outside in and vice versa. Plants and greenery is an excellent was to do just this, and was incredibly enhanced by the natural lighting and tropical surroundings of the space. BSeated Global stuck to a very simple colour palette, combining white shades with a pop of summery blues and creams. They also combined simple designs with more intricate and detailed ones to create a sense of contrast and variation.

The hotel and casino itself is situated just minutes away from the iconic Gold Coast Broadbeach and is conveniently connected to the Oasis Shopping Centre via a monorail. The services are world class and are award winning in their provision of outstanding quality food and beverages.

BSeated Global