Project Team

design: owner
audio: A1 Audio

As a tribute to the glory days of pubs, gone are all gambling facilities, the pokies and TAB. This is a venue dressed in bric-a-brac including a shrine to Yahoo Serious.

The pub had been previously known as The Ducks Nuts Hotel, and then Silk Hotel but new licensee, Steven Forbes is returning to the name the pub operated under from the late 1930s until the mid 1990s when it was then changed.

The ageing building was very run down and hadn’t been open in over four  years. Steven wanted the venue, which covers 350 square metres, to be a classic, Aussie party pub with no gambling. Definitely not another sports bar.

“I walked around and let my imagination go wild,” said Steven. “It is a pretty standard fit out to be honest. We’ve used a lot of booth/bench seating and also some vintage poker machine stools around the bar. We encourage people to sit at the bar and hang out.

”We used as much recycled material as possible, including anything we could salvage from the demolition stage of the renovation.”

It is a hotch-potch selection of colours all around the venue as the general decoration theme is bric-a-brac, which is really mismatched too.

“I think the music and party attitude of the staff bring all the decorations/fit out together to re-enforce our party-pub vision,” added Steven. “It is all special in it’s own way because we did it on a budget and it doesn’t have the sterile/soulless feel that most other pubs around town have. Carpet on the walls always helps too.”