Project Team

Interior Design: Arc8 Projects


Almond Bar
379 Liverpool St
Darlinghurst 2010 NSW
(02 9380 5318

Imagine cosy seating, the din of an atmospheric and buzzing Syrian side street serving up the delights of spicy chicken mukloubi’s, washed down with a glass of mbit whilst sampling the sweet taste of a barazeh served long after the mezza’s and chargrilled lamb skewers have been devoured.

Now travel east to Sydney’s trendy suburb of Darlinghurst, imagine the same food sensations in an equally atmospheric environment where food meets fusion of Middle Eastern design delights.

Design Consultancy and Architects, Arc8 Projects wanted to recreate the ‘hawker style’ Syrian eateries in a 90sqm space. UK born Richard Hall, head Architect of the project worked hard on the colours, lighting and furnishings to ensure the atmosphere of this country was reproduced in Sydney.

With an interesting timber bas relief set along the entire wall as you walk into the restaurant, you feel like you are stepping into a Middle Eastern eatery, Sydney style.

”Creating something different in this diverse suburb was the challenge with this project,” said Richard. “Sydney is awash with Lebanese mezza bars but the owners of the restaurant told me that Syrian dishes are similar but stand alone in their own flavours and tastes.  This was the inspiration for my designs for Almond Bar.  I found the timber relief in a shop where they were closing down.  Originally priced at $84,000 I bargained it down to $4,000 for the client who snapped it up.  Set against the wall with the correct lighting and dark timber used against ceilings and the bar, we reproduced a cosy, inviting, and unique dining experience.”

The theming of the restaurant carries this design aspect, with water served in traditional Syrian water jugs whilst all guests are treated with a wooden palette of mixed Almonds and an extensive cocktail menu.