Project Team

design: Split Watermelon Design
builder: Paynter Dixon
lighting: Yellow Goat
electrical engineering: Haron Robson
lighting design: Haron Robson / Lightmatters

Bankstown RSL has taken its facilities to a new level with the unveiling of a $5m renovation. Paynter Dixon managed the refurbishment process constructing a new reception foyer, new bar, coffee shop and improvements to the gaming lounge facilities in the Club. The existing bistro was also upgraded with a new cashier’s area comprising of two service points and a new main trading bar.

Paynter Dixon’s Business Development Manager, Peter Rogerson said: “In addition to the internal changes, the new entrance leads directly to the carpark and includes an undercover area giving convenient and easy access to reception as well as shelter from the elements”.

The new interiors at Bankstown RSL Club were designed by Split Watermelon Design and involved extensive re-orientation of the existing space, with the entrance moving from the front of the building to the rear.

The design was intended to bring a fresh interpretation and more feminine elegance to the idea of a traditional ‘gentlemen’s club’. The new floor plan also posed the challenge of re-orientating existing clientele and the custom carpet design was integral in addressing this, with a bold stripe aimed at pulling people through the club.  An organic floral motif also weaves through the carpet bringing a softer touch to the otherwise masculine scheme. The palette of dark timbers, black mirror, metallic detailing and punches of ruby red create a truly sophisticated space.

The new entrance took its inspiration from a grand hotel foyer, with a sumptuous padded backdrop to reception, timber paneling and a contemporary oversized chandelier.  Black mirror cladding, silver mosaic detailing and soft up-lighting to the columns lead the customer throughout the circulation areas and continue the hotel foyer theme.  The bar is a glowing gem in the centre of the space, with smoke mirrored bar front and sandblasted detail echoing the carpet’s floral motif.  A mix of soft velvet armchairs and more masculine leather seating welcomes you into the lounge area.

All lighting was custom designed for the project in collaboration with Yellowgoat Design.  The furniture was designed exclusively for Bankstown RSL by Split Watermelon Design.

Yellow Goat Custom light

Yellow Goat Design actively collaborates with architects and designers embracing the opportunity to be a part of the design process and contribute unique light fixtures.

Yellow Goat