Project Team

Design: Caroline Choker
AV: Noisy Pictures

Beach Haus is located where the Kings Cross institution Baron’s used to reside. Beach Haus is hidden behind an unremarkable doorway that looks more office than beach and to access the club members are given swipe cards.

Unlike Barons, which had a dark bohemian vibe and collected an eclectic group of denizens, Beach Haus has a clean, bright and highly designed atmosphere. There’s blond wood paneling embedded with strips of mirrors, lounges against the walls and a chandelier that all combine to make it feel somewhat like a hotel lobby.

Simon Chalmers’ latest venture is reminiscent of a Hampton’s Country Club circa 1950 with its crisp uniforms, butler service and sense of exclusivity.

Designer Caroline Choker has created a space that feels like a private abode rather than another prefabricated bar. Beach Haus also goes against the trend for dark wood and chrome interiors by opening a light, crisp, new space.

“I was asked to design a bar that created conversation, an edgy Beach Haus that is like someone’s private abode,” said Caroline. “The general theme and concept development was directly linked to the name but the design, in it’s literal translation, is an elegant oasis/escape from the external surroundings and hustle and bustle of Kings Cross. I was trying to create a feeling that you were in a private and elegant beach abode.”

Unique features of the site include the architectural configuration of the building and the cladded façade which evokes a strong Gaudiesque influence. The planning of the interior was in keeping with the fluid lines of the architecture and was executed in three months.

The oak timber paneling represents beach house paneling, the blades of mirror and marbles add sophistication and the internal garden creates an oasis. Wall lamp fixtures were selected to reinforce the concept of a homely interior and create a soft ambient glow.

“What really ties the concept together are the textures and pattern such as the Herringbone of the wall paneling, concrete floor, diamond mosaic marble bar front, mosaic table tops, feature woven chairs, rope details

and patterned fabrics and rug,” commented Caroline. “The key feature is the execution of the Oak white washed timber wall paneling laid in Herringbone pattern with splices of Acid etched mirror. The panels were cleverly designed to be able to wrap around the curve so that it complimented the fluid form of the interior. The fine diamond mosaics that clad the bar front was enhanced by a beautiful Arabascato marble bar top, brass inlay and back bar.

Beach Haus has a simple audio system comprising of three QSC Audio K10 speaker cabinets rated at 1000w each and one QSC Audio KSub also 1000 w. The system is processed via a dbx ZonePRO Digital Processer. The speakers had a custom paint applied to suit the venues colour scheme. The venue also has 3 DJ inputs to give flexibility on where the DJ is located for any given event.

dbx ZonePROThe ZonePro series of Digital Signal Processors provides you with the ability to process up to 12 sources and routes or mix them to up to 6 individual outputs. The ZonePro family provides flexible options to fit any small or medium venue requiring multiple zones with individual BGM sources and paging routes.