Project Team

Design: Indyk Architects Pty Ltd
Builders: Built
Lighting design: POV


Furniture: Interstudio
Carpet: Interface (designed by Indyk)

The project philosophy and methodology were interconnected and were based on constraint and richness. Indyk had a very limited budget to work within and a few elements that needed to be maintained in order to achieve an end result.

Their first intervention was to create a plywood open room-like tent, right at the entry point off the landing of the escalator at the Events cinema Bondi Junction.

Remnant timber plywood ceilings were kept where they existed over the existing bar and part banquette. To these sections was added a whole new bent plywood language of curved ceiling elements that came to ground as columns around the existing columns.

A sculptural energy was overlaid onto what was a static pre-existing design.

The colour scheme was completely transformed from an aqua grey corporate style fitout to a multi layered textured, red, black and grey counterpoint.

The existing Set Bar had to remain but was re-clad in polished granite reflecting the new carpet patternings.

Existing fridges had red gels placed over internal fridge lighting, and carpets were removed and replaced with Carpet squares that added an abstract patterning of shadows and colour. The long grey banquette was divided into smaller harbours of seating by the simple addition of a red table placed at right angles to the banquette.