Project Team

Interior Design: Luchetti Krelle

The owner/chef of Bootleg Bar + Italian Food Rob Gal wanted a lo-fi accessible wine bar with simple Italian food on the menu.

Bootleg Bar + Italian Food has an eclectic industrial feel with a warmth that captures a kind of nostalgia for the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

The bar is constructed from concrete screen blocks usually seen in 60’s carports with step stools as bar stools.

The ceiling is a suspended grid with copper coloured prison fencing mesh panels and mechanics lights below an acoustic sprayed layer for sound absorption.

The plywood shelving is braced to the wall with steel sections and copper wall lights.

Old school library catalogue drawers house cutlery and every wall is painted with green chalkboard paint.

Comfy booths and banquettes contribute greatly to the relaxed setting and compliment the style of food and service.

Photos of influential music artists from a bygone era line the walls (courtesy of Blender Gallery) and ghetto blasters sit on the shelves.