Project Team

ff&e procurement: Marques Interior Services


signage: First Neon
joinery: Bindi Furniture
upholstered Furniture: Guest Commercial
lighting (loose): Bretnall Lighting, Jadecross


Chifley Hotel Wollongong was opened in September 2010 as the latest addition to the Chifley Hotel brand.

This purpose built, 168 guestroom hotel is centrally located with ocean views to City Beach and across to WIN Stadium and Wollongong Golf Club. The hotel comprises of deluxe guestrooms and suites and includes a lobby bar, restaurant and private dining room, conferencing for up to 500 guests, gymnasium and pool.

The contemporary beachside design ensures that all rooms and public spaces offer guests a modern, comfortable and relaxed environment to enjoy.

Marques Interior Services were engaged to provide exclusive and independent Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) procurement and project management services for all front and back of house areas of the Chifley Hotel Wollongong.

Their independence enabled them to select from a variety of products and suppliers guided solely by the needs and interests of the project

Signage at the Chifley

First Neon were selected to provide the signage for the Chifley Hotel identification in Wollongong. Externally the signage consists of illuminated signs on the Eastern and Western elevations of the hotel as well as yellow neon lighting outlining architectural features of the hotel.

The signage serves to identify the hotel and incorporates the Hotel Group’s Logo and name,  the neon outline “landmarks” the building.

A composite panel material was chosen for the construction of the external signage due to its superior performance in the weather conditions expected due to the proximity to the ocean.

The individual logo and text elements of translucent acrylic are fitted into the shapes cut-through the composite panel and are internally illuminated.

This construction produces a striking effect particularly at night as the background is totally opaque creating the illusion of the illuminated sections appearing to float above the strong yellow line.

Signage can only be made to certain dimensions, restricted by the building’s architecture and of course the authorities, and obviously good design.

These factors  limit the size of the signage and therefore the legibility from distant viewing. However an illuminated building outline is like a beacon and is visible for miles - well kilometers. This landmark building


and its stakeholders. Their industry experience and knowledge ensured that they sourced and procured high quality products from a wide range of reliable and reputable local and international suppliers.

Marques” managed scope included preparing an itemised FF&E budget, coordinating design and designer, tendering and analysing tender results, raising orders, managing supplier payments and the enormous task of placing each items in just the right place.

The products sourced ranged from large scale items such as external
signage, beer equipment and the commercial kitchen equipment through to smaller but just as important items such as cushions and teaspoons.

Working in close partnership with the owner, builder, designer and operator, Marques Interior Services have delivered the Chifley Hotel Wollongong to the high standard of design and operation requirements.

outline works well where the structure has a dominant profile on the landscape, which this situation surely has. There is no doubt that distant viewers and even passing ships will be able to point and say ” that’s the Chifley!”

Neon lighting was chosen for its superior lighting performance, longevity and ease of installation instead of LED. The lighting elements were installed in a metal c- channel to give the light a sharp cut-off creating a well defined line of light, as well as affording mechanical protection.

It is not uncommon to have neon installations still operating 100% - meaning all units are still illuminating, after 70,000 hours and more, and in some instances the transformers that operate the neon have not been replaced either.

Internally the signage consisted of all the hotel room numbers, the level indicators and much of the incidental signage that is needed in any international quality hotel vis-a vis the parking area signage as well as directional and  information signage for the comfort of guests.

First Neon also provided the main reception sign which would be described more as an architectural sign - being composed of specialised materials and segments assembled to give a dramatic presence to the reception area. The individual, high quality paint finished segments are fixed to a mirror background for a striking effect. Mirrors produce a transparent effect around the letters that again gives the impression of the logo and text floating. Obviously full credit to the creativity and expertise of the designer.

First Neon