Project Team

Furniture: Split Watermelon Design


Signage: fremont design

The furnishings for Club Totem in Balgowlah, Sydney were custom made to suit with the new building and interiors.

Being located close to Manly in the new Totem Shopping Centre, this venue looks nothing like your traditional club. The interiors use of jet black finishes, black butt timber features and patterned carpet throughout set the tone for some very modern and funky furnishings.

Split Watermelon Design created custom furniture pieces with a contemporary edge, through inventing new shapes, using graphic

patterned upholsteries and using different textures such as weave, webbing and laser cut pieces.

With the colour palette being predominantly neutral with black, white and greys, a bright yellow feature was brought in as a highlight colour bringing energy to this beautiful space.

All the furniture was custom designed and manufactured exclusively for the client on behalf of Split Watermelon Design.