Project Team

design: Dreamtime Australia Design
av: Saltec
builder: Northern Projects


lighting: Masson For Light, Gineico, ECC Lighting, DeDeCe, Wombat Hollow, Diffuse Lighting
outdoor heaters: Alfresco Spaces

Concrete Blonde exudes a grand sense of luxury and sophistication from its mahogany floors, and matching chocolate coloured tables, to its sleek concrete columns and ceiling. The open rotisserie, which gleams at one end of the kitchen, sits adjacent to a luminous bar studded with metal spheres, where timeless classics and aperitif cocktails are cleverly concocted by internationally trained mixologists. Bright accent lighting endows the space with a white-washed glow creating an astral-like semblance and an agreeable ambience.

Concrete Blonde maximises the design potential of it’s Bayswater Road site, with it’s existing strong industrial internal concrete grid of imposing structural beams supporting the multi-storey building above and exposed vertical hydraulic pipes providing the impetus for a striking warm yet industrial-focused interior.

LEO AR-111

Minimalist Adjustable Track bracket fitting with an industrial edge. It allows the lamp to be the feature.

Available in 3 sizes:49mm, 290mm and 500mm arm and silver finish.




Fibre cement sheeting lines several walls, warmed with an aged sealer, while other select walls feature distinct feature cladding elements. The large structural beams in ceiling remain exposed while the underside of the existing ceiling slab is lined with acoustical flocking made of re-cycled paper products, looking similar to thick Christmas tree spray-on snow, which will ensure the restaurant will not be too “loud”. A number of these ceiling recessed areas are be “capped” by framed stainless steel wire panels, providing a type of suspended ceiling feel when gazing across the room.

Industrial lighting up-lights the underside of the slab above the wire-mesh panels as well as the exposed vertical hydraulic pipes. To assist in warming the atmosphere stylish, comfortable timber chairs and exposed timber tabletops are used.

Combining a cosy, year-round outdoor drinking and dining terrace with a stunning bar, striking interiors and furniture highlighted by theatrical lighting, Concrete Blonde has all the physical elements to become an enduring, trend-setting success in Sydney’s demanding and fickle marketplace.

A dramatic, theatrical Open Kitchen is a continual source of entertainment for diners, and features a 1.5 metre diameter low central

Mondo Blokx Mini

Rectangular wall single down or double shaft of light. Particularly suited to light and accent building fascias. Lamps are MR16 35W maximum or 1W LED versions.

Masson for Light


round wood-fired Rotisserie and 2 x 1.5 metre diameter round 900 high gas fired char-grills (with woodchips), one for seafood with rotating
angled skewers for whole fish and the other for meats, located on either side of the low rotisserie, forming a unique line-up of round grilling station grills.

A 9 metre long bar is a feature along the left-hand entrance wall, featuring aged steel counter-top lamps and a custom rear wall of driftwood planks embedded with steel nails. Incorporated into the bar is a raised DJ booth where sensual mood music is played by a rotating assortment of the City’s best “chilled music” DJs.

An internal artisan-made plate steel gas fireplace is another central feature.

On the external terrace, a combination fire and water feature acts as a central catalyst to the area and the in-water lighting is another warm, inviting feature of the overall Bar & Grill concept.

A glassed-in, air-conditioned wine cellar made of warm-toned fibre cement sheeting and plate steel box shelving with dramatic lighting is a feature at the rear of the dining room.

The exterior Terrace features eclectic external furniture, some of it internally illuminated, to add a festive, exciting atmosphere to encourage a lively bar feel to the outlet.

Internally, an 8 metre long communal table with bench seating and creative built-in table lighting adds another dimension to the indoor seating options, and encourages interaction and a “party atmosphere” amongst those clients who enjoy communal dining and drinking.

The toilets are another feature with self-contained unisex rooms of frosted glass walls / mirrors, sinks / mirrors / hand dryers in each room and dramatic cartoon-style “concrete blonde” cut mosaic mural along the toilet corridor wall.

Both the interior and exterior spaces feature dramatic, yet low-key, moody lighting that makes a crucial difference in “warming” the ambience. As well, several light fixtures are highly creative “industrial” luminaires, which add a further touch of “wow” and whimsy to the overall atmosphere.

To ensure the atmosphere remains cosy and warm in such semi-industrial surrounds, a variety of candles are placed in several locations around the Bar & Grill, which add a human, slightly underground / bohemian feel to the space.

Electric Infrared Outdoor Heaters

With over 90% of the energy being converted into safe radiant heat the radiant energy is only absorbed by people and solid objects, rather than the air around them.

Alfresco Spaces


The audio system was designed and installed by Saltec who opted forBose speakers including three Bose DS100SE wall mount speakers, four Bose DS100F ceiling mount speakers and three Bose MB4 sub woofers. These were powered by two Electrovoice CPS2.411 and a CPS2.611 dual channel amplifiers. Control includes a Bose ESP88 digital signal processor, a Bose CC16 zone controller and a Bose CC4 volume control for the DJ.

Also included in the install are a Denon DCM500 5 disc CD player and a Bose iPod dock.