Project Team

design: Cullinan Ivanov Partnership


carpet: EC Modular
laminate: Laminex Group
lighting: JSB Lighting

With Westfields’ new flagship Bondi Junction shopping centre complete Easts Bronte Road entry directly opposite was clearly looking dated and being shown up by the increasingly sophisticated Bondi Junction town centre.

This combined with the fact Easts Leagues Club ran three distinct businesses through its Bronte Road Entry – Easts Club , Elixr Health Club and Noble Court Chinese Restaurant demanded some clear action to solve the current poor foyer.

The existing entry was a non-descript door at the end of a corridor whith added confusion by being off the arcade which led to the lift foyer of the tower building above the club. Although not the main entry to the club proper, this entry is the main access for people wishing to use the fitness centre and restaurant. There was no direct connection for the club and restaurant from the street. The street frontage was occupied by a store with a glazed aluminium shopfront.

The central idea behind the new foyer was to make a connection with the street, and to present itself to the public as an elegant entry not only to the club but also to the restaurant and fitness centre. It was essential that the foyer appeal to the wider demographic that the Easts Club was seeking.

A decision was made early on in the design process to incorporate a mural as the main signage to foyer. Departing from the obvious neon-lit, bright-coloured and football themed signage, the well known artist Michael Fitzjames was commissioned to produce a piece of art for the entry wall.

The monochromatic nature of the artwork was carried throughout the foyer finishes and colour palette. The walls and ceiling are shades of white, while the joinery and floor finishes, tiles outside and carpet inside, are shades of dark brown/black/metal gray. Texture was created in the scheme by introducing aluminium fins which break the plane of the ceiling and lead the eye towards the inside of the foyer. A highly textured drape, of metallic grey/blue fabric, creates a very subdued and relaxing space off the brightly lit and very directional spine of the foyer.

The final outcome is a subtle yet sophisticated entry which serves the three separate businesses in a discrete way and presents the club as a modern and appealing venue to the emerging night and daytime demographic of the Junction.

Sacho Odeon 2198-12

Composition : 35% COTTON / 32% POLYURETHANE / 25% NYLON / 8% METAL
Designer : Ulf Moritz
Width : 150cm
Abrasion : fastness to light
Satin colour : blue/petrol

South Pacific Fabrics