The recent refurbishment at Forestville RSL was created by Split Watermelon Design and arguably challenges the traditional ‘look’ of an RSL club. The aim was to create a timeless, classic yet interesting design scheme to cater for all ages.

The colour scheme is based around Australian fauna and nature’s colours, using a range of hues from sage green to teal and blue with a contemporary mix of crisp white and moody dark stained timber. This theme is also translated through organic patterns in both hard and soft furnishings, using leaf shapes as the basis of many of the features.
One of the main challenges within the project was to create individual areas within one essentially open plan space. This was resolved through different floor treatments and screens to define separate areas. Decorative ceiling panels also help to emphasize transitions within the space.

Bloom Pill Pot

The Pill Pot is suitable not only for flowers and plants both indoors and outdoors, but can also be filled
with ice to chill champagne at a party.

Available in various sizes. Colours: white, pink, purple, red, lime, orange, taupe and grey

Cafe Culture

Blossom Pendant

Inspired by the Japanese Cherry Blossom, the luminaires within the Blossom collection comprise of delicate forms, which play with shadow and light. The Blossom luminaires are most effective when placed in clusters.


The design is fresh yet has great depth during both day and night, making it suitable for all the different activities the venue caters for.

Whilst the overall feel is contemporary, homage has been paid to the essence of the RSL through features such as the entry wall graphic which is takes its words from ‘For the Fallen’ by Laurence Binyon.
Several custom made carpet designs, based on a hand drawn organic pattern and selected colourways were designed for the project. All furniture was procured by Split Watermelon Design.

Within Forestville RSL, a variety of Satelight’s ambient light fittings are featured including custom Blossom pendant lights, Blossom wall lights, Bound Conic pendant lights and Ruffle pleated cigar pendants.  The Blossom lighting collection were powder coated in custom pale aqua and white. These decorative lights were inspired by the Japanese cherry blossom and comprise of delicate forms, which play with shadow and light.