Project Team

Interior Design: Dreamtime Australia Design
Builder: Ganellen, Christopher Ahern
Project Manager: Cadence Australia


Walls (laser cut steel): Interspace Manufacturing
Walls (motorcycle chain): Interspace Manufacturing
Walls (chalkboard art): Wall Candy
Walls (sandblasted sandstone): Mick Purdy
Walls (over lapping steel panels): Di Emme Creative Solutions
Ceiling: Envirospray
Glass: Acacia Glass Design
Lighting: Di Emme Creative Solutions, LPA, Artemide
Flooring: Ironwood, Altro Safety Flooring
Fireplaces: Jetmaster

Fraser Motorcycles are the pre-eminent retailer of prestige motorcycles in Australia, selling and servicing Harley Davidson, Ducati and BMW motorcycles. Their new Sydney flagship store has been designed to become the benchmark for automotive retail design around the world.

Innovative in both its’ philosophy as well as design this facility turns its back on the stark and soulless cathedrals that dominate automotive environment design and instead provides an environment that engages patrons and stimulates their imaginations as to exciting possibilities that exist within the world of motorcycling.

The design mixes an unusual, dramatic blend of industrial and organic yet highly artistic design.

The exterior features a laser-cut façade with legendary motorcycle “journeys” associated with the 3 manufacturers. Covering the upper window panels are laser cut “gear panels” featuring equally recognisable brake discs and drive sprockets from the brands’ more famous motorcycles.

Internally the design features a blend of recycled brick, bronze finished laser-cut plate and “gear panel” plus stunning sandstone walls with sandblasted images of motorcycle engine blocks carved into them.

The highlight within the showroom though is a centrally located spare parts room with 6 metre high glass merchandise vitrines and a “Dyno Room” where motorcycles are road tested within a bulletproof glass fronted room.

Fraser motorcycles audio visual features includes oversized sheets of clear glass equal to 100 inch screens suspended over the showroom’s main floor with projection onto a unique film displaying images at certain angles while remaining clear at others, which provides a cutting edge signage network allowing Frasers to create bespoke TV channels for each showroom with custom content for each manufacturer.

On the showroom’s 1st floor, an edgy function room overlooks the showroom in a peek-a-boo fashion with ‘gear panel’ walls in select locations, plate steel wall cladding in a fish scale design, a custom plate steel and recycled brick bar and steel fireplace.  Equally edgy offices, meeting and breakout rooms with custom designed furniture, lighting and sepia motorcycle images on most glass walls and divider panels provide a creative and stimulating work environment.