Project Team

architects: Hassell, Fabio Ongarato Design

Grill’d prides itself on making burgers that could almost be described as a piece of handmade craftsmanship. A Grill’d burger is an inherently honest thing, prepared and assembled in front of the customer, with nothing to hide.

The collaborative graphic and interior design team that worked on the rebranding of Grill’d on Victoria Street, Darlinghurst, sought to emphasise this handmade craftsmanship and to create a connection between the product and its retail environment.

The resulting design is the antithesis of the ubiquitous fast food establishment. The space is tactile and warm, yet can survive the rigours and practicalities of operating as a hard-working hospitality environment.

The concept of ‘insertion’ into the existing space was developed to give the impression that the Grill’d store is an object that has been introduced into the space but that retains some original features and local character.

Within the ‘inserted’ space, flexibility to accommodate change and fresh ideas was important to meet the client’s expectation for longevity and sustainability within the design as well as their desire to create dynamic and engaging environment. For example, the ‘paste-up’ graphic solution provided by the graphic designers provides space for evolution inside the store.