Project Team

Acoustic Consultant: Tim Kuschel,GUZ BOX design + audio
Architects: Martin O’Toole
Interior Architects: David Luckie Design P/L


Audio: Acoustic Technologies

The recently reopened Imperial Hotel Bowral is a contemporary remodelling of a classic Southern Highlands watering hole. The rebuilding of this established venue provided an opportunity to provide a high quality, innovative building for Bowral and the surrounding areas.

The new Imperial Hotel provides a spacious open plan venue, with sports bar and games room, fully featured dining facilities, beer garden and balcony.

In response to noise concerns from the venue owners, GUZ BOX design + audio was engaged by the Architects and Interiors Designer to provide an acoustic solution to manage noise levels within the proposed venue. Computer modelling provided virtual simulations of proposed acoustic treatments throughout the venue while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the architectural + interior design requirements. Inclusion of acoustic products during the design stage of the project provided seamless integration of acoustic + interior design, resulting in a quality venue capable of supporting a wide range of functions and events.

GUZ BOX design + audio was also engaged to provide audio system design advice which resulted in the installation of a high quality multi-zoned sound reinforcement system throughout the venue.

Computer modelling was also employed to provide optimised audio solutions to each area of the venue.

Following consultation with the architect + interiors designer, custom-finished loudspeaker enclosures were installed to match interior décor and external colour finishes. The installed audio system provides a flexible and transparent audio system optimised to the acoustic + interior design of the venue.

The audio system was sourced from Acoustic Technologies and comprises of seventeen AT 8″ Ceiling Speaker 100W, three 6″ AT ceiling speakers, two weatherproof LG03WP Speaker, twelve ALA02-T speaker, and six LGB03 Sub Bass Cabinet.

Ecler amplifiers drive the system with two Biamp NEXIA PM Digital System Processor, two Biamp Nexia SP Digital System Processor and a Biamp VS8 Programmable Control Panel in control.

Acoustic Technologies ALA Series

The Acoustic Technologies ALA Series (Architectural Line Array Series) is a specialty loudspeaker system providing ready solutions for a wide range of sound reinforcement projects. The complete ALA range has been created for any application where critical speaker placement and pattern control is essential, including outdoor venues.

The Architectural Line Array is a high fidelity sound reproduction system (120Hz–20kHz) reproducing audio with extreme clarity and accuracy. The ALA Series finds ready acceptance in areas where studio quality sound is essential. The ALA Series takes full advantage of the characteristic line array vertical dispersion pattern. Increasing the array length decreases the vertical dispersion of the system, allowing the design of systems providing maximum intelligibility in acoustically challenging environments.

The ALA Series Loudspeaker System is an Australian product, proudly designed and manufactured in our facility in Brisbane, Australia.

Acoustic Technologies