Project Team

Design: Paul Kelly Design
AV: Beyond AV
Builder: FDC Building


Carpet: Tascot
Furniture: Hughes Commercial Furniture, BCI
Material suppliers: Birrus Matting Systems, Inlite Lighting, Ironwood Recycled Timbers, Academy Tiles, Austral Bricks, Caesarstone

The Ivanhoe was the first licensed hotel in Manly, originally situated in Ivanhoe Park on the corner of
Sydney Road and Belgrave Street Manly. The Hotel was relocated and was completely re-built in the early 1990’s to its current format. The top floor was re-furbished in 2008 by Paul Kelly Design becoming ‘i2’.

The Hotel located on ‘the Corso’ in the Sydney Northern Beaches suburb of Manly, is half way
between the water of Manly Beach and half way to the ferry terminal of Sydney harbour.

Paul Kelly Design completed a DA and master plan for the Ivanhoe of Manly Hotel in 2006, for the
extensions to the Ivanhoe Hotel. The total scheme is to create extra spaces for patrons on both sides of the current hotel, in the current St George Bank and (now previous) Commonwealth Bank sites. This phase of the construction ‘Stage 1’ was in the ommonwealth Bank Site, which is also located on the Corso, and is to be the location for the new TAB Sports Bar and The Gaming Room.

The brief for the public bar was to create a classic old school sports / public bar, predominately male
dominated with a clean beach edge. The TAB was requested to be a Platinum (TAB Rating system)
which is the highest level possible without being an agency, and the gaming room was for 30 machines.

PKD wanted to allow the TAB to be strong when the racing was on but wanted the space to have the ability to change completely and become a beach sports bar in the later evening. The reasoning behind this was that the space also had to cater for the other sports, like English Soccer and Rugby (which are not TAB events) and our space needed to be able to house these in a more masculine ‘bar environment’.

The new fittout also had to have a link to the proposed phase 2, (which is due to start construction mid 2010) which targets a diversity of customers, the majority of whom would not be customers of the sports bar. PKD created this link by the use of a selection of materials, but mainly by creating a standard set of ceiling details that would be utlised by both phases.

The Manly area is not a growth area for gaming, so the gaming room was required to be adequate
but sufficient, creating a large quantity of machines into a small space, whilst still maintaining an
exclusive and directionally gaming focused interior. PKD styled the gaming room with a modular 70’s
feel, which allows them to move the room around into any combination (gaming machine layout).

The TAB / Sports Bar was a concept that PKD wanted to develop as to completely make the space
feel unique to other hotel / TAB’s in NSW. PKD wanted the use and dominance of the TAB to not
result in the space feeling only like a TAB, as they believe the next generation of hotel gamblers are
after an integrated lifestyle space, as put simply they can gamble at home (internet) if they so require.

The TAB / Sports Bar needed to have a presence from the street that was not dominated by the numerous screens TAB require, so PKD located a single 103” Pioneer Plasma screen directly in the main view line of the space, so people out in the Corso could look in and also feel the excitement of the sporting event. The required TAB screens are located in a custom wall display adjacent to the main entry line and can only be viewed when in the centre of the space (with a black acoustic timber backing) so when the screens are switched off, the screens and their black frames disappear.

The TAB racelist board is 20 metres in lineal length (the entire sports bar is 15 metres deep), so it was important if the racelist was to dominate the space, that is was more of an interior concept rather than a TAB concept. PKD created a new system (based on the TAB standard) that uses a worn leather to cover all the elements of the Racelist, (the colour of an aged leather rugby ball), this provides a historical reference to the space as the leather looks worn and as if it has been in the space of a while, and the leather in the sections that do not have any paper, provides a solid
masculine backdrop to the space.

The TAB / Sports Bar was something that PKD wanted to feel like it has existed for years, so they used recycled timber from an old bridge that had been dismantled in Bourke NSW, as the base material for
the bar top and all the TAB benches. This timber material is split, has bolt holes and has been dryed
for a period of 50 years in the sun, the colour in the timber is a golden honey mixed with elements of
black and dark brown, and is coated in an industrial resin, that will have a lifespan of about 20 years. This timber feels beautiful to look at and touch, with its rippled and inherent history is a real feature of the space, pulling the customers back in time to a period of beachside relaxation.

The TAB / Sports bar is 3 sided, with the TAB race list on one side, the 103” plasma in the centre and
the 3rd side being the main bar. The main bar side is the link to phase 2, with the use of a washed out beige brick, laid in a stack bond style (a method used in years gone by), and is grouted flush up the surface, in a residential method. The brickwork wall which is over 3 metres tall has the bar face extruded from it, and pulls out a complete face of brickwork to the customer. This brickworks is then covered by the recycled timber bench top, and has lighting down the face of the bar for subtle backdrop lighting at night.

The Main Bar display is a steel framed bottle support structure, using steelwork made onsite by hand and is in a rough format with a matt paint (that is also used on the Sydney Harbour bridge). Behind this display is a hand applied artwork of a local surfing legend ‘Midget Farrelly’ completed by Diemme Creative providing a backdrop to the bottle display in tones on washed out blues and sun aged yellows.

The TAB Cashier / Gaming Cashier are all surrounded by the same ‘hand made’ steel framing as is behind the bar. This hand made steel framing has glass sandwiched between and brings to the space a sense of history as the details are not used anymore (as there are now off the shelf aluminium extrusions), the joints are roughly welded and the finish is metallic and rough.

• The Sports Bar / TAB area has a recessed coffer ceiling that houses all of the lighting and mechanical ventilation for the main bar space, and exposed the services behind through a limed Oak timber slatted ceiling, with a full acoustic sprayed ceiling provided by Envirospray 300 behind. The acoustics in the space are superb by the use of this product and this combined with the Audio System (Beyond AV) that is fully located with in the ceiling space means that the customers can enjoy the individual sporting events adjacent to the Racelist, or can enjoy the main events on the large plasma whilst still being in conversation and interacting with the other customers.

The lighting system used in the Sports Bar / TAB (by CBUS) allows the TAB to entirely disappear when the TAB is over for the day, T5 dimmable fluorescent tubes above the racelist dim down to 5% allowing a nice warm backing to the space without drawing attention to the leather.

The furniture in the front bar is all constructed byHughes Commercial, using design integration with
Paul Kelly Design specifications. The high tables are a Solid Terrazzo Caesar Stone with a client specified circular disc base with a Acrylic ring under the frame so customers can roll the table without damaging the floor.

The timber floor in the main space is kiln dried recycled Black Butt flooring 230mm wide and 30mm
thick. This floor will outlast the fittout due to its thickness, and has a warm and rich tonal palette used
as a base for the space.

The Gaming Room has a high quality edge to the room, creating a truly high end feeling for the
customers, using glossy tones and black stainless steel. The Gaming room also employs a new strategy for gaming customers, this being a sense of privacy. PKD have achieved this by using a ceiling system that lowers the ceiling behind the customer when they are seated, allowing a sense of security and privacy for the gamblers, and creating a more individual gaming experience, a concept that PKD are developing (as they have designed over 25 gaming rooms).

The main feature in the Gaming room is the 1000mm wide square ‘honey comb’ modular ceiling, that covers the entire ceiling within the room. The boxes are ranging from 350mm to 700mm deep, are silver internally with a black gridded ceiling (that allows the Air Conditioning to fall through). The boxes are arranged with oversized mirrored glass pendants hanging only in the lowest boxes which are located on the main walkways.

The Gaming Room Boxes are located on a steel suspended frame, which allows the room to be rearranged into any combination of spaces for the continually evolving gaming room culture.

The Carpet in the gaming room is custom designed by Paul Kelly Design and made by Tascot, utilizing a modular grid of black white and royal blue.

The Gaming Room does not have machines that are located in Alfresco areas, as the client did not want to undertake this form of gambling, we do however have a large smoking area recessed to the rear of the gaming area, which has a large display screen showing 7 different viewing angles from the CCTV footage of the room so customers can relax within the terrace.

Beyond AV designed, supplied and installed the audio visual elements required by the Ivanhoe.

The TAB, Zone 1, the main area, is serviced by tenJBL Control26CT speakers whilst two JBL Control 28T60 speakers are in Zone 2, all powered by TOA amplifiers.

Zone 3, the gaming area, has five JBL Control26CT with two more in Zone 4, the smokers outside terrace, again all powered by TOA amplifiers.

The TAB TV install features twenty-two 55cm LCD Monitor Style TV’s with Text, one 81cm NEC Keno TV above doorway, and five large plasma TVs.

An AMX control system, installed and programmed by Mathew from Everything IT, is used for control.