Project Team

design: SJB Interiors
The Building Guild

Located at a prominent corner of the Queen Victoria Building, Jet Bar faces one of the busiest forecourts in Sydney. Thousands of pedestrians pass by daily and Jet Bar offers respite from the bustle with a rich black interior. Air locks block the sound and the kitchen hovers over the patrons as a piece of theatre. Bevalled black and white tiles create a visual energy and stand in contrast to the soft stained glass colours of the QVB windows.

Jet has been the name of the venue since it began some fifteen years back. And jet black has been its signature colour. With an Italian menu, the venue has been modelled on a classic Italian café. It offers

the opportunity for patrons to stand at the brass bar and throw back a
macchiato or sit at the communal stone table for a longer stay. Black terrazzo floors and the black tiled bar provide a rich dark base for the white stone tables and brass detailing.

The first stage of the reinvented Jet bar is now complete and stage two – a wine bar with aged brass ceilings – opens in February 2012. Together they make a pair – one venue is largely black with brass details, the other is all aged brass with a small amount of black. And both contrast nicely with the sandstone and stained glass of the QVB.