Project Team

Design: Tony Owen Partners


Carpet: Ontera
Furniture: Furniture New Vogue Australia
Light fittings: Beacon Lighting

Feature Wall Finish: Woven Image


The Kyle Bay Bowling Club is locaterd on a spectacular waterfont location in Blakehurst in Sydney’s southern suburbs. The original Blakehurst Club was built in 1962. This design featured a unique diamond shaped parabolic roof. The club became a fixture in the social life of the area and had a strong membership and patronage. The club was added to in 2002. Despite the roof design the upper level of the club had low ceilings and did not take advantage of the great views and location.

In late 2007 the club was destroyed by fire and the iconic roof was lost and would have to be replaced. Tony Owen Partners were chosen to redesign the club. They looked at several options including raising the roof with a paraboloid design to create a more dramatic space. Ultimately they reinstated the roof pitch. Internal they took the opportunity to create a space which maximizes the potential of the roof form and the location. By locating all of the air conditioning in a perimeter plenum they were able to maximise the ceiling volume to create a light and airy space which connected with the outdoors.

The distinctive ceiling is based on the wing structure of the wetland insects found on the site.

Tony Owen Partners made extensive use of 3-Dimensional digital modelling software to explore

different options for the roof geometry. Eventually they chose a branching ‘L-system’ geometry for the coffered roof. This geometry reflects light throughout different times of the day to create an effect that echoes the play of light on the water outside.  The character of the ceiling and the space changes throughout the day and is completely different at night.

The upper level consists of the main bar, lounge and bistro areas which flow onto the large outdoor balconies on the water. It also contains a gaming area and TAB including a new outdoor gaming enclosure.

The ground floor contains the club change rooms and administrative facilities as well as a function centre and a restaurant.

The redesigned upper level has a central white circular bar which is the focus of the space around which the other areas radiate. This area consists of a large open plan space to take maximum advantages of the panoramic views.