Project Team

Interior Design: 3R Design
Audio: John Leigh Caulder

Surry Hills’ most recent addition to an already thriving scene is this dark, cosy, low-lit bar which is ideal for cold winter nights.

Lush red velvet drapes line one end of the dark, wooden panelled space scattered with high tables and a big outdoor front section spills onto the street.

The site was originally a noisy greek restaurant and a fairly big open area with no points of interest or definition of areas. The layout was completely re-worked to provide some intimate areas befitting a small bar with late night trading and most importantly a functionable layout to suit the operational requirements of a bar and restaurant. The reclaimed

brick facade was created for both function and aesthetic purposes. The facade behind the facade provides clear demarcation of the external and internal areas as well as keeping the inevitable noise from the bar within the premises due to the neighbouring residential buildings.

The bar has a mixture of personas - London club, New York jazz bar, Surry Hills local, but overall the layered look using a variety of reclaimed materials creates a sense of weathering, age, mystery and a feel that the place had been here all along, hidden behind the facade all these years.