Project Team

Design: Bart Gitman

After achieving success with Glebe Point Diner, working partner and chef Alex Kearns is expanding his horizons with the launch of the group’s latest venture, Neutral Bay Bar and Dining.

With a vision for promoting simple, honest food and service, Kearns is excited about the restaurant’s development.

“We really are focusing on creating an approachable and affordable dining hall. Guests should feel warm, comfortable and welcome - as though it’s their second home and the service will reflect this with professional and personable staff” enthuses Alex.

The venue is designed by Bart Gitman. At the front is a lively bar area all tiled and open-plan with plate-glass views on to Military Road traffic.

Tucked behind is the rather spartan dining room with an open kitchen running down one side.

The high-backed, pew-style seating partitions the room like an old-fashioned wooden train carriage. These monastic pews are cleverly designed so the ends double as storage space for glasses, sea salt, pepper grinders and napkins.

The long caramel and cream-coloured, room manages to be both intimate and communal. It’s a big space, with a leaf-patterned fabric feature wall, with long, angled strips of mirror.