Project Team

Design and Construction: Paynter Dixon
Architecture and Interior Design: Group GSA
Lighting Design: Haron Robson
Music: Playcom


furniture: Hughes Commercial Furniture
carpet: Feltex

Parramatta Leagues Club is making a large investment into their future with a new design vision that is transforming their business.
Paynter Dixon and Group GSA have been working with the club in developing and implementing the new concepts and masterplan vision.

The design is revitalising the existing building thereby giving it a useful life for many years to come.

A key concept in the new design is the vertical circulation spine that ‘blows a hole’ through the five levels of the existing building. This space makes a significant statement by opening up the building and allowing physical and visual connections to all levels.

This space dissipates the mystery of ‘what‘s on the other floors and how do I get there’. Flights of escalators convey the patrons through the space. They facilitate an easy journey of exploration to the upper levels of the club.

“It is an essential and generous space that adds value to the usability of the building” notes Mark Thebridge, Design Architect for Group GSA.

Such a significant intervention into the existing building also provided its construction challenges. “Our team mitigated the construction risks through diligent planning. We still had to be fast on our feet though as this building had over 50 years of uncoordinated renovations and there were a few hidden challenges” commented Lindsay Verdon NSW Marketing Manager for Paynter Dixon.

The Legends Bar is another addition to the new facilities at the club. It is a meeting place and social space that accommodates the diversity of the clubs patrons.

The design is smart and fresh. Its character is generated by the partial open plan and the partial semi private “pod” layout design. The bar is stunning. It features a richly textured white veined red stone facing. The ceiling over is dark timber panelling with orange light shades puncturing the ceiling plane.