Project Team

design: Artnow Studios

Famed Sydney nightclub Ruby Rabbit has relaunched itself with a chic new aura. Enjoy a new style of fairy-tale exuberance when you enter the re-launched, re-furbished and unsurpassed entertainment hub set in the heart of Darlinghurst on Oxford Street.

Conceptually original and set over three levels, Ruby Rabbit is now accessible to all and has been redesigned around patrons and their desired experience. More than a nightclub, Ruby Rabbit is now an all-encompassing experience where customers take centre stage. From the appeasing taste bud fantasy on the ground floor, the bright lights and smooth beats continued on the mid-level, all the way to the intimate cocktail lounge on the top floor. Each level retains its own uniqueness, while the journey of tomfoolery escapades are delivered with measureless service and quality across the board.

Art Directors of Artnow Studios, Rodney Surwasky and Katrina Rhodes led the interior redesign. Katrina says, “‘Bold’ is a good description for this redesign. The Ground Floor sees custom antique, floral rusted wrapping mirrors and cages combined with a bar front filled with dioramas and custom wallpaper. On Level 1 we took a leaf out of a Dr Seuss book and created a lounge ‘feel’ in a roaming dance space by positioning lounges upside down on the ceiling. While the top cocktail floor is a fantastic meld of baroque and hyper modern.”

The re-launch of Ruby Rabbit is the first mark on the map for SNC (Sydney Nightclubs) in their quest to tantalize the market. Sydney Nightclubs Director Sue Loumbos says, “Ruby Rabbit is a sanctuary where creativity meets originality that is rich in detail. Each level of Ruby Rabbit takes one step beyond reality to render each person’s experience unforgettable and unique. Whether you choose to eat, play or sip, you can indulge your senses within your means.”