Project Team

Interior Design: Chris Jolliffe
AV: DJW Projects
Build/fitout: Build and Maintain


Furniture: Tait, Thonet, Remingtom, Ambience Upholstery, Kezu, Primary Ltd
Lighting: Mance, Space Furniture, Mondo Luce

With a decidedly relaxed and informal approach to drinking and dining, The Elk gives birth to a fresh species of venue. A melting pot of accessible eclecticism - by day a casual café/bar environment, by night a soul-filled bar and restaurant.

Located in the neon-lit heart of downtown Kings Cross, The Elk provides a warm atmosphere for locals and tourists. During the design process, Palace Leisure Group’s in-house interior designer, Chris Jolliffe, ensured the fitout for The Elk was committed  to using unique, reclaimed and recycled materials – the result is a venue that sets itself apart from the homogeneity of many of the new venues to spring onto the Kings Cross scene.

The DJW designed sound system comprises of 70 precisely located EAW ceiling speakers supplemented by 2 EAW subs. The result of such a large amount of speakers shooting sound directly down throughout the whole venue in a grid formation

provides an even spread of sound – no dead spots. The arrangement of the ceiling speakers keeps the music in the Elk and achieves zero sound leak to the two floors of backpacker hostel above.

The DJ booth/box embraces the eclectic character of Elk. A collection of vintage aluminium flight cases are stacked to create a unique DJ console and a Planet Floor Lamp casts just enough light to let the resident DJ’s choose the next record. Supporting the move away from the mainstream, the Elk’s entertainment marketing tagline is “our DJ’s don’t play big clubs”.

The Elk has five distinct areas including a games room complete with a collection of vintage arcade machines (supported by the positioning tagline on much of The Elk’s marketing “pinnies, not pokies”), and a sumptuous mezzanine with upholstered chocolate booths and low lighting pays homage to the smoky clubs of the old Cross.