Project Team

Design: Benson Studio


Tiles: Calibre Concepts
Leather Banquette: Decor Design
Dining Chairs: H-Poem
Stools: Walk The Plank Collective

Bondi’s The Hill Eatery, perched high on Campbell Parade, North Bondi, has an industrial fit-out that is sleek but still homely using recycled hardwood throughout.

The recycled timber floor was sourced from a local salvage yard and left raw to reflect history of the timber. This timber was then used on the bar and tables. The ceiling has been made from Form Ply which was a cost effective material providing a pre-finished surface.

Handmade tiles used on bar and wall. The line of bar and kitchen are blurred with chef located at the bar to create a sense of provence.

The space is divided into three areas; bar, kitchen and dining room. Whilst there is a view this was not considered the most important aspect of the space. To create a sense of community within the boundaries of the space a decision was made early to reflect the planning back on itself. This in turn allowed a sense of theatre on arrival as the patron moves through the space the resturant reveals it self.

As the space was two separate tenancies this created a design challenge due to the odd shape created once the tenancies were joined and the significant change in floor level.

The owners consider the dining scene has evolved from formal to fresh. Customers want to know about the provence of what they are eating and they wanted the fitout to reflect the farm to plate philosophy.

The lights have been sourced from farms around Australia. Trouble lamps which are often used by mechanics and farmers are used.

In fact some of the lights came from the owner’s families farm in Western Australia. No downlighting was used only pendants which has helped to soften the space and make it feel warm and inviting.

Much of the finishes and furniture are either handmade, recycled or made from recycled materials. Sustainability is fundamental in primary industries like farming and fishing and they believe is fundamental in all good design

The curved leather banquette is critical to the sucess of the fitout. It draws the eye into the space and provides a sense of comfort and warmth. The softness contrasts against the recycled timber and exposed concrete of the base building.

The fitout consists of natural materials to tie it back to the farm to plate philosophy. These materials include tan leather, recycled timber floors and handmade tiles.

The handmade tiles of the bar create a freshness to the space. It was decided to contrast the timber floors and bar top with a strak what bar face. However they wanted to link the recycled materials together and by using handmade tiles, each of which is different from the next, they created a texture similar to a material which has been reclaimed.

“Each design solution reflects the space, the brief and the assets of the base building,” commented Michel Benson of Benson Studio. “Whilst I am a firm believer in using sustainable materials and fittings each solution is individual to each design project. I am proud of the people I worked with to complete the project. We worked together as a team and seeing it full of life is amazing.