Project Team

Design: PHI Design and Architecture

James Hird, Todd Garratt and Traci Trinder have opened a traditional enoteca style wine bar just around the corner from their Jersey Road trattoria buzo.

The Wine Library is a licensed restaurant and bar, seating approx 48 guests in a relaxed, casual modern European atmosphere with a classic enoteca interior by architect Bill McMahon.

The Wine Library incorporates a custom built zinc bar extending the length of the main room, Tolix bar stools, laser cut backlit wall panelling and bespoke floor tiling.  A feature wall-to-wall wine display complete with sliding ladder, a courtyard, an oyster and fresh shellfish basin and glassed off charcuterie display, all complete the room with a laid back Italian style.

The Wine Library is designed to evoke the feel of a traditional Italian bar while exploring the interests of PHI Design in the control of lighting through the creation of screens.

The interior is formed from computer routed plywood screens forming a box within the existing terrace shop space. LED lights the space

between the wall and screen to create a Russian box effect; a ‘third space’ between the new and existing space.

The repeated motif of the wine bottle and glass are intended to convey the idea of a library or storehouse of bottles in a traditional wine cave.

The dark finishes to the front of the bar are intentionally contrasted with a simple white area towards the back to invite people further into the space.

The tight interior space is designed to create a warm local wine bar / restaurant evoking memoires of remembered small venues in Italy.

The ‘Wine Library’ illustrates PHI’s vision to create architecture and interiors that are connected yet independent of their context. An interior that responds to traditional ideas through the use of modern technology.