Project Team

Interior Design: owners
AV: Avsound Productions

Located on the 1889 former Sydney Waterworks, The Winery is the latest venture for the fast-growing Keystone Hospitality group, headed by Fraser Short and John Duncan, and the brainchild of Paul Schulte, the licensee and co-owner behind the successful Gazebo Wine Garden in Elizabeth Bay.

Accessible via a cobbled path in Surry Hills, The Winery mixes quirky-modern and classic-chic sensibilities to great effect, complete with a chandelier of antelope heads and French chairs from the early 20th century. It is home to an eclectic array of furniture and a private dining room with an Elvis theme. There are upside down 80s desk lamps on the ceiling, customised curved booths, fluffy gold cushions and wheatgrass on the mirrored bar in the Graceland private dining room.

It’s a lush establishment featuring an entire wall covered in ferns and staghorns as well as a huge outdoor area that overlooks the city.

Architects Humphrey & Edwards kept the sense of history with recycled timbers, exposed brickwork, pulleys and steel girders.

The interior design is a collaboration between the three owners. This is no surprise seeing that Duncan was formerly a builder, Short was formerly an interior designer and Schulte an interiors stylist. Inspiration came from a trip to the Lan Club in Beijing with Schulte sourcing many items from auctions and customising the rest.

JBL Control 25AV

The Control® 25AV utilizes a deep cabinet, high power components and complex network to achieve extremely smooth high fidelity performance from a compact 2-way loudspeaker.
Premium performance capability and even coverage ensures excellent sound quality throughout the listening area.
Magnetic shielding allows use of the speaker in close proximity to video monitors.
The cabinet accepts a variety of paints to match any décor. Weather resistance is maximized by a stainless steel grille, which is paintable.


The venue is set up over 6 zones with individual control over source and volume for each via the main Bose CC64 in the main bar. There are also local Bose CC16 controls in the Elvis Room downstairs and the Lounge area upstairs, toilets and amenities follow the adjacent zones with preset levels.

The design incorporates all speakers facing into the venue and away from windows and doors, they are also isolated from the main structure to achieve the DA noise level constraints and all have set limiting and password protection by the Bose ESP 88 Control System.

JBL Control 25AV speakers were used for their power and small size and also their environmental

specifications as the whole venue has the ability to open to the outside world.

Three stereo line level inputs for DJ’s or functions are in strategic locations for making the venue multi purpose, there is also a video system installed but no screens so that for events there are 9 video outlets around the venue that can be set up quickly and easily with audio supplied to the audio system.

Overall concept of supplying a good quality and an inexpensive but very functional system was met keeping the system easy to use by staff and update or expand if required.