Project Team

design: Luchetti Krelle
audio: JVG Sound Lighting & Visual


furniture: Lincoln Brooks, Own World, Thonet, Café Culture

Mei Wei Dumplings is a traditional noodle and dumpling house that evokes the fragrant food stalls and hawker alleyways of old town Hong Kong.

We wanted to re‐create the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong’s street food scene but romantically set it against run‐down alleyways and buildings. Acting as both a dining and takeaway venue it was important to capture the precision of handmade dumplings.

Tucked under the resort’s mezzanine level, the restaurant has a low level ceiling that extends into the main atrium area. To ensure a sense of intimacy it was important to balance both areas and
create a connection. By playing with table dining heights we ensured the space didn’t get lost amongst the vast forecourt.

Towards the front of the restaurant guests sit at mid‐height tables. Moving towards the rear of the restaurant, dining becomes more traditional with a simplistic timber bench and dining height tables.

The feature ceiling with exposed timber joists and herringbone struts emulates a setting from the past whilst bentwood mirrors reflect the soft and moody lighting.

Rattan furniture is stained in dark colours with light mint leather on stools and benches freshening the palette. Cosy nooks are set against a wall of distressed old posters that add to the overall
rawness and age of the space.

By curving the kitchen areas we have managed to follow the lines of the existing building but offer a softness that helps balance the materiality of the space. The dining area replicates these gentle curves with custom joinery creating an inviting dining experience.

JVG Sound Lighting & Visual installed six J Audio sv8i pro speakers inside run by J Audio CS-2500v digital amplifiers, whilst Bose FreeSpace® DS 40SE speakers were located outside.

Bose FreeSpace® DS 40SE

Versatile, high-performance, full-range, surface-mount loudspeaker designed for foreground and background music and speech reproduction in a wide range of installed applications. High output and 125° x 125° coverage pattern with a frequency range down to 70 Hz.