Project Team

Interior Design: CAD International

The Mira Hong Kong, is a chic new lifestyle hotel in the heart of Tsimshatsui. The hotel’s stunning design was a collaborative effort by an international team including world-renowned lifestyle guru Colin Cowie who has designed Oprah Winfrey’s Legends Ball and John Travolta’s 50th birthday celebration to name a few, as well as Miami-based Charles Allem of CAD International, Inc. who’s work has included cutting-edge hotels and residences in Bel Air, Palm Beach and Las Vegas.

Colin and Charles worked alongside Hong Kong architects Edmond Wong of designcorp (world renowned for their state-of-the-art expertise on outdoor centres, town planning and entertainment areas), Andrew Choy of Atelier C+ (specialists in stylish store and residential interiors) and British landscape architect Adrian Norman of Adrian L. Norman Ltd (specialists in al fresco urban planning at chic global locations).

In formulating the designs and colour schemes for the The Mira Hong Kong, Charles Allem, CEO of CAD International, also drew upon his inspiration from Hong Kong’s exotic natural environment and historical, colonial architecture. The Emerald and Platinum colour schemes provide striking colour palettes that harmonise with the colours and moods of the region. In addition, his unparalleled contemporary designs alert guests that this is definitely The Mira Hong Kong, 2010.

The distinctive design of Yamm, the international buffet restaurant on the Ground Floor establishes The Mira Hong Kong as an iconic gourmet destination. According to Allem, “On entering this lobby, the guest will feel that he is about to gain access to one of the most exclusive restaurants in Hong Kong.” Its breathtaking caviar-like chandeliers, featuring polished chrome spheres of varying sizes, adds drama to this intimate space with its towering ceilings. In addition, the internally lit reception desk alludes to the ultramodern feel of the Mira Hong Kong’s main lobby. A custom wood floor mimics the ceiling fixture with brushed metal insets, while the walls, panelled in ebonised wood, embody a sensuous experience that heightens the lighting effect and adds to the mystique of the extraordinary experience that lies ahead.

Cuisine Cuisine at The Mira
Charles Allem’s vision for the modern Cantonese restaurant on the 3/F, Cuisine Cuisine at The Mira, melds vintage and contemporary in a dramatic setting where guests can enjoy familiar food without compromising the sleek, modern environs of The Mira Hong Kong. Allem states, “I wanted the restaurant to have the essence of old world China, while melding effortlessly with the fierceness and fabulousness of present-day Hong Kong.” This highly innovative space boasts a fully stocked wine bar, showcasing 450 wines by the glass, with its own sommelier. Patrons can taste and experience the world’s best wine selections that will electrify even the most discerning connoisseurs. In addition, Cuisine Cuisine at The Mira offers a choice of seating in either the Main Dining Area, or several Private Dining Rooms to host intimate gatherings among families, friends, or business partners.

The emerald colour palette used throughout this restaurant features abstract interpretations of familiar Chinese elements. For instance, the Main Dining Room features tall banquettes upholstered in a fabric that is reminiscent of a beautiful Chinese lantern, complemented by sculptural round tables topped with emerald-lacquered revolving servers that encourage the open family-style of eating found in classic Chinese restaurants. The emerald hue is also mirrored in monolithic sliding doors that have conceptual artwork, featuring Chinese coins floating on a sea of green lacquer. The entire room is grounded by an organic-textured glass floor and warm wood panelling, which attends to the feng shui sensibilities of the space.

The soul of the Chinese Restaurant is epitomised in a magnificent light installation that is comprised of a collection of glass orbs that hang delicately above, giving the ethereal appearance of a magical, glittering sky – yet another example of Charles Allem’s fascination with stainless, polished steel and mirrored surfaces.

WHISK – Upscale European Restaurant
This area offers guests a unique setting in which to enjoy anything from an early morning breakfast, afternoon tea or even a post-party nightcap. By unique, we mean an environment of platinum silver finishes and chocolate browns, featuring exquisite sculptures such as a beaming light fixture that radiates through the space. The ebonised wood wall panelling contrasts the massive white stone-top tables, which enhance the clean, spacious and ultra-modern feel of the room.

The restaurant also presents itself as an environment of many dining environments, where guests will undoubtedly have a hard time deciding on their preferred seat. For instance, the wine bar is an exclusive area designed to display its top-shelf liquors like jewels in a display case. The dining lounge provides a casual seating atmosphere and can also be reserved to host exclusive VIP events. Another inimitable space is the mezzanine area overlooking the Chinese restaurant, Cuisine Cuisine at The Mira, and provides a birds-eye view of the galaxy of lit glass orbs that hang, suspended.

Third Floor Pre-Function Areas and Meeting Rooms
The Pre-Function Areas and Meeting Rooms on 3/F offer a distinctive and sophisticated environment in which to host social, as well as business, functions. A neutral colour palette mostly comprised of hues of silver, cocoa and slate gray to offer multiple opportunities for theming of events. In addition, ebonised wood panelling, internally lit glass portals and imposing leather-wrapped cylindrical door pulls give this sophisticated area a distinctly contemporary twist.

Perhaps the most memorable element is the sculpture installation in the pre-function area, comprised of a bronze vessel water feature, a grouping of polished steel spheres suspended in the air, and a colossal cylinder clad in metallic rings, which create a post-modern interior vision.

Specialty Suites
The Mira Hong Kong’s specialty suites were designed by Charles Allem with a discerning, elite clientele in mind. The materials used throughout the eight specialty suites include lavish damasks, embossed leathers, ebony-stained wood floors, rich velvets, metallic leathers, and luminously coloured resins, to name a few. The use of these unexpected materials and exceptional positioning of furnishings throughout these rooms create a uniquely modern and luxurious experience of The Mira Hong Kong’s suites.

In the premium suite, the space plan offers guests the ultimate space for entertaining, as well as indulging in an array of lavish amenities within a sleek and contemporary environment. As guests enter the suite, they are greeted by a formal vestibule that marks one’s arrival and offers a glimpse at the living room beyond. The living room space, evocative of a classical salon with an ultramodern feel, provides a flawless setting for chic gatherings. Opening onto a more intimate bar and lounge, the space then lead into a spacious dining room, which functions as the ultimate entertaining space to host dinner parties and soirées. On the opposite side of the living room, guests enter a sumptuous bedroom with a dramatic temple bed and adjoining spa bathroom. The last, and certainly not least, feature of the premium suite is the private terrace. Charles Allem designed this space to be, “a Babylonian oasis in the middle of the Hong Kong metropolis. This haven is a place that is, in and of itself, suspended in a state of timeless tranquillity and utter serenity.”

The Complete Experience at The Mira Hong Kong
A combination of the materials, artworks, sculpture and cutting-edge amenities, paired with bespoke furnishings, serves to create a lasting memory for the guests who have the opportunity to enjoy an extravagant sojourn at The Mira Hong Kong. Says Charles Allem: “The whole is not only the sum of its parts. Each facet of this exquisite diamond, set in the heart of Hong Kong, is designed to fascinate and mesmerise. My vision has been to leave an indelible mark on the mind, body and soul.”