Artisan by Brintons

It’s a fast-paced world where many products are mass produced, fashion is a little too dynamic, and things break, becoming disposable. Keen to build a greater connection with our peers and our environment, people are craving products with soul. The response (or maybe the cause?) to this desire is a revival of the crafts, a renewed appreciation of hand-made wares and the story that they carry.

At Brintons we are proud of our history, our people, and our mechanical looms weaving strong and sturdy Axminster carpet for commercial interiors. While our carpet is woven mechanically, every design passes through many hands and clever minds before it gets to the loom.

Inspired by – and in celebration of – the Artisan revival, Brintons Designer Hayley Fitzmaurice has developed a captivating collection of designs in a beguiling, artisanal colour palette.

“Our designers are skilled and creative. In Australia we work closely with our Indian design team – many of whom are fine artists. Our Australian team have varied backgrounds and design from the heart. Many of our designs start with a hand drawn sketch, and water colour paintings translate beautifully into carpet,” said Hayley Fitzmaurice, Brintons Designer. “Hand drawn artwork can be transferred into carpet software – but the artisan still works. Sure, we are now working on a computer, but we are still drawing on our tablets – by hand. Often, we are asked to produce designs with a hand-made feel, and our production design team know how to technically draft a design in a way that will achieve a high quality woven finish, while still maintaining that hand-drawn style.”