Project Team

design: Design Theory


communal bar table: Good Looking Man
bar pendant lights: Great Dane
bar stools: Cafe Culture
dining tables: Join
dining chairs: District
outdoor chairs: Cafe Culture
outdoor umbrellas: Basil Bangs

The venue is housed in a narrow and long site, an existing residential building that had been used as an office space. The designers wanted an ambience that resulted in a relaxed quality anytime venue that speaks of both Argentinian food and local Australian setting.

Existing conditions mostly needed to be kept due to budget constraints, they had no real character of their own. Space planning was formed around creating a strong visual language of a long bar that could be seen throughout the entire venue. The long bar that runs the length of the building – right from the front to nearly the back wall – ties the concept together.

Solid timbers to bar top and communal table feel good to the touch of your glass and speaks to the offering. White bricks are honest, strong and simple. Natural stone to coffee bar has an international nod. Concrete floors keeps things low key and ties all the different areas together. Upholstery fabrics add relaxed, softer layers and vibrancy. Furniture styles and accessories are playful and take the space from morning through to night.

The colour scheme is a palette of white, black, grey, timbers and greenery to suit the brief and branding of client.

Textures are kept natural, matte and even rough ended at times to reinforce the message that Asado is an everyday, anytime place to meet.

Indoors uplighting is used wherever possible to create washes of indirect lighting particularly in the dining room.  The addition of pendants over the bar and sourced vintage lamps keeps the light sourced varied and dynamic for a good level of visual interest.

Garden and festoon lighting to laneway creates an appealing outdoor space with plenty of atmosphere and a visible inside outside connection.

Special features include the addition of bi-folding doors and windows to the building façade, a pergola structure over laneway for shelter and shade, and a custom made Argentinian asado grill.

The back wall is filled with stacked terracotta wine tubes found from a man in Queensland that had them under his home.  They both store wine at a consistent temperature and the designers are really happy with how they look, especially in the evenings.