Audac at Lower Plenty Hotel






The Lower Plenty Hotel resides in abundant nature amongst the signature gumtrees. The hotel completed a major refurbishment in the summer of 2016, offering visitors and the local community a pleasant place to celebrate, socialize, commune and dine at.

The refurbishment provided the hotel space with two brand new function spaces, a 300-seat bistro/ cozy bar and a large elevated outdoor deck complete with LED screen for sporting and special events.

The audio-visual integrators at SBROTN Audio have been involved with the venue for many years and were enlisted to update the audio system as part of the venue refurbishment. They turned to Belgian brand AUDAC, supplying two MTX88 8-zone audio matrix systems for the venue.

Gary Honeyman from SBROTN Audio explains “We needed to create a 16-zone solution to cater for the various spaces and function areas. The AUDAC MTX88 system had all the features we needed and is so competitively priced that we decided to install two of them. This allowed us to do everything we needed at a much cheaper price than other competing products we looked at. Plus, with the release of Audac Touch™, we are able to control both devices from a single interface.”

Audac WX502/O outdoor loudspeakers have been installed on the new outdoor deck and outdoor function areas to provide all-weather audio and the outdoor LED screen has received a pair of AUDAC AXIR/O weatherproof column speakers (which were chosen not only for their impressive sound quality, but also for their discreet design, to not detract from the on-screen visuals).

Elsewhere, CS-series in-ceiling speakers provide distributed audio coverage.

AUDAC CAP-series (100 volt) and EPA-series (low impedance Class-D) power amplifiers are used to power both the new and existing speakers throughout various areas of the venue.

This project demonstrates how AUDAC products can be used to enrich a venue’s audio setup, by providing powerful, easy-to-operate solutions which work with the design aesthetics of the interiors (or exteriors).

Products used:

2 x MTX88 – 8-zone audio matrix
4 x WX502_O – Outdoor wall speaker 5 1/4″
2 x AXIR_O – Outdoor design column speaker 12 x 2″
4 x CS75 – Quick fit 2-way 5 1/4″ ceiling speaker 8 Ohm/100V
1 x CAP424 – Quad-channel power amplifier 4 x 240W 100V
2 x EPA104 – Quad-channel Class-D amplifier 4 x 100W – crossover

Audio Logistics