Axolotl at The District

Chatswood Interchange recently opened the doors of it’s world class dining precinct – The District. Designed by the talented Philip Chia of The Uncarved Block, The District is not your average suburban foodcourt. Seating 1000 patrons, the 3000sqm space and 8m ceilings have been distorted and divided with architectural forms to create hideaways and laneways – inspired by a futuristic asian cityscape.

Pod like structures were built to extend outside of the existing building envelope, creating lustrous private dining spaces. Each pod was clad on all faces internally and externally in Axolotl Bronze coated oak and CFC timber-look boards with florentine ageing highlighting the grain. Axolotl Ingrain showcases the natural beauty of timber – while transforming the look and feel it creates in a space.

The pods are framed by panels of Axolotl Miro glass featuring a custom brick graphic. The graphic is printed clear and affords diners views to the outside world, and when traversing across the entry platform the glass glows from the internal lighting. The graphics were custom photographed by Steve Brown Photography and stitched together with new elements such as industrial signs and copper pipes.

When entering The District via the street, you will find the walls of the stairs, main entry vestibule and hallways clad in Axolotl Concrete coated ingrain boards. The Shale concrete coating gives Ingrain a whole new appearance – presenting as off-form concrete castings, and showcasing the grain in super fine detail. Upon entering and looking back at the vestibule, you will find an additional layer of custom designed fine asian style screens cladding the walls and doors. The screens were individually coated, and applied on top of the ingrain panelling to reveal the fine grain detail behind.

The resulting space is an eclectic mix of high end finishes and furniture, the materials palette includes strong textures, mixed mediums and unique handcrafted materials immersing the diner in a visual and sensual experience. Featuring quality eating establishments such as the Australian flagship of the Michelin Star restaurant, Tim Ho Wan, Australian diners are truly in for a treat when visiting The District.