Chauvet Professional Strike 1

Following up on the success of its STRIKE 4 multi format warm white fixture, CHAUVET Professional has introduced the STRIKE 1, a versatile single pod light that excels as a blinder, strobe, wash and flood. The newest member of the STRIKE series, this fixture is more than a scaled-down version of its famous forbearer. With a 230W warm white LED source (each of the four pods in the STRIKE 4 is 100W), the STRIKE 1 has a blisteringly bright and intense output. An outdoor-rated fixture, it is ready to add eye-popping looks to festival stages and open-air events, as well as to arena and music hall concerts.

Another outstanding feature of the STRIKE 1 is its emulated red shift, which warms the colour temperature of the light as it dims to replicate the look of an incandescent fixture. The fixture’s 16-bit dimming control also enhances its performance by allowing perfectly smooth fades.

“We designed the STRIKE 1 with the idea of combining warm incandescent looks with the versatility and performance of a technologically advanced LED fixture,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “The design possibilities that this fixture opens up are virtually unlimited.”

Adding to those possibilities is the STRIKE 1 fixture’s multi-bracket design that makes it easy to create multi-unit banks. Designers can arrange arrays of STRIKE 1s in a variety of configurations to give their rigs a different look without adding new fixtures.

Its brightness of 1,119 lux illuminance at 5 meters (over a wide field) notwithstanding, the STRIKE 1 remains cool enough to use as a wash, thanks to its IP65 rated fan. The fixture also has IP65 rated direct power and DMX connections.

Camera friendly, the STRIKE 1 features Adjustable Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control to eliminate flickering. Constructed of black aluminum die cast material, the single pod fixture also looks good on camera and to live audiences when it isn’t illuminated.

As user friendly as it is versatile and attractive, the STRIKE 1 runs on DMX, RDM protocols and has 2, 3, 4 or 5 DMX channel modes as well as 2, 3, 4 and 5 channel personalities. The fixture also has built-in automated programs and Remote Device Management for added flexibility.

“We were all very happy to see the impact that the STRIKE 4 had this year on major tours and other events,” said Chauvet. “With its versatile performance features the STRIKE 1 is certain to build on this tradition.”