Project Team

design: Split Watermelon Design
New England Construction


furniture: Mint Contract Furniture
lighting: Red Currant Lighting

Split Watermelon were aiming for a rustic, industrial style space with a focus on communal dining. Reclaimed timber beams, recycled brick, concrete, cast iron and zinc to reinforce an aged, industrial feel. The colour scheme and textural qualities of the space reflective of the industrial theme with lots of texture in timber and brickwork etc.

Minimal colour is used – black, white and metallic tones to to be in keeping with theme. The calf skin wall is also not to be missed, adding a depth of texture and warmth to the industrious design.

The furniture in this space reflects the scheme flawlessly with aged leathers, mixtures of dark and light timber stains on tables and metallic copper stools finishing the look.

Holly Chair

Contemporary upholstered armchair suitable for any environment. Matching dining chair available.

Mint Contract Furniture