Project Team

design: TomMarkHenry


furniture: BSeated Global, Atmosphere Custom Furniture
lighting: Chippendale Restorations
rugs: Armadillo
carpet: Natural Flooring Company
tiles: Surface Gallery
flooring: Precision Flooring

The glamour of 1960s Beverly Hills gave inspiration to creating an elite LA style social club, where sophistication and style is delivered across all aspects of the design. The playful elegance of sport luxe and lifestyle introduces a different dimension to the Darlinghurst bar scene, offering a new class of venue, which is playful yet chic.

Starting with a grand entrance, a 3m wide staircase illuminated by blush walls and custom brass lighting sets the tone of what awaits inside the venue. With 8 metre high apex ceilings, solid trusses cascade down to a woven rope feature wall, creating the focal point of the venue. The natural texture of the rope and playful design alludes to the inspiration drawn from a Californian country club lifestyle, where tennis and badminton was reserved for members only.

The surrounding material choices of luxurious chocolate leather and oat coloured linen exudes quality and surrounds guests with a soft, rich finish. The intimate seating design provides an ideal situation for members who want their guests to experience the high calibre of DCC VIP with their own reserved area and attendee. The accessories and styling further adds to the enticing atmosphere, combining details from privileged SoCal societies with a little Darlinghurst tongue and cheek to create the unique Darlo Country Club.

JaWiiie Table Base

The JaWiiie Table Base is a solid table base made out of powder coating Cast-iron, which makes it very durable and long living. It also brings a classic and comfortable atmosphere to any restaurant, bar or café. Combined with the correct table top, it can perfectly match every ambient of every retail business.

BSeated Global