Project Team

design: EJE Architecture


carpet: Brintons, Forbo
Phat Sourcing
tiles: Classic Ceramics, Earp Bros
surfaces: Laminex

The new alfresco Smokehouse is built on top of an old bowling green site. It is two levels, with an “Active Fitness” gym beneath. Eat and drink on top, work it off below!

The ambience is one of an American Smokehouse and Craft beer garden that is viewed from the main entry but separated by a cascading water feature and garden area.

Central bar and kitchen sharing BOH, Food in the East pavilion, Beer and bands in the West pavilion, visual partial separation from other areas. Gym on the ground floor with a separate entry.

Bespoke materials in rich natural timbers, cobble effect floor tiles, industrial style light fittings and leather-look furniture reinforces the American smokehouse theme without clutter.

The timber hardwood ceiling linings dictated the style and colour palette, which flowed down to the tile selections, split faced stone and ultimately the furniture.

The timber ceilings in both pavilions dominate the space and give it natural warmth. The water features play off this natural look with a kinetic and noisy element that reminds us we are outside. The furniture and lighting tie it together.

The replica Jason Miller’s Modo Chandelier, inspired by off-the-shelf industrial parts, helped reinforce the industrial / American aesthetic.

The cascading water features counterbalance the central smokehouse/bar where special beer fonts show off the individual beers on tap. Double sided fireplaces, flanked by lounges and stump style tables give a warm and inviting ambience to the space. The double pavilion style is visible from over a kilometer away on the pacific highway and serves to counterbalance the soaring Porte cochere roof erected last year.

Each design is different although a pursuit of sociable spaces that are relaxing, modern and yet unconventional intrigue us.

As the projects detailing came into focus, the attention shifted from how it looked from a kilometer away to how details worked close up. All the time the initial vision of twin pavilions accommodating food, drinks and entertainment was maintained.

There’s a kids play area, quiet zones and active entertainment areas.