Project Team

design: Zwei
builder: Four Season Commercial Interiors


lighting: Satelight
seating: Naoshima Stool by Emiliana

Eleven Inch Pizzeria in Melbourne’s Docklands precinct incorporates second generation branding for an existing food concept initially developed for a Melbourne CBD laneway. The design for the space incorporates playful referencing and a bold interior enlisting simple colours and graphic forms.

Using the 11” branding as the starting point for the design, the walls reflect the logo back to the customer through ply cut-outs and repetition. A neon logo sits proudly atop of the graphic wall, playfully reminiscent of a brightly lit fast-food outlet.

Opposite the feature wall, the bulkhead over the kitchen is lined with angled, luminous green aluminium fins. These reflect the angular perspective of the graphic wall and, with the bursts of lime throughout the space, provide an alternative focal point.

Surfaces are dominated by plywood which is continually reinterpreted throughout the space, although remaining primarily in a large sheet format. The selected plywood is Queensland plantation grown hoop pine. It is minimally treated with sealant only. The intention being that at the end of the designs’ lifespan the sheets can easily be re-used.

The stripped-back design approach leaves the ceiling exposed with minimal tenancy lighting, allowing the space to maximise the natural light through the shop-front.

The restaurant’s design references a traditional ‘fast-food’ concept whilst redefining the idea to communicate the quality food offering and provide a multi-sensory dining experience.