Those of you who know us well already know that Designer Rugs is an active supporter of education and innovation in the textile and design industries. Our latest project in this area sees us hosting FLOORED 2016, a rug design competition in partnership with Resene Paints open to students and staff at TAFE South Western Sydney Institute (SWSi).

FLOORED 2016 provides students with the unique opportunity and experience to personally design a rug, but also see 6 shortlisted entries made into the real thing. Since its launch the competition gathered a lot of interest and we are happy to say the students’ entries received have been outstanding and are a fantastic reflection of the students talent.

Students involved put pen, pencil and paint to paper, and took to the computer and collage to design rugs that answer one of two briefs: a rug to give a cold commercial space more warmth and intimacy; or a rug that suits the location, lifestyle and aesthetic of a couple living in Concord, New South Wales.

As part of the competition, students not only strengthened their knowledge about the important contribution of soft furnishings to an interior, but also learnt the considerations involved in translating a design concept to a rug. Hand-tufted rugs are like a colour-by-numbers process, so students needed to create a design that would be reduced to a line drawing of shapes, with each shape representing a specified yarn type, pile type and colour.

It was also important to consider the scale of elements. For example, if elements are too big the effect may be lost at full scale; but if the elements are too small they could be insignificant and difficult to manufacture. Students also needed to consider their colour palette and how colour translates into woven form. Designer Rugs generally works with between one and four colours, because as in most commercial production, the more colours used the more expensive it becomes. However, for FLOORED 2016 entrants could use up to six colourways with colour palettes chosen from the Resene Paints fan decks and website.

Designer Rugs has been “floored” by the very impressive student and staff entries and we look forward to unveiling the shortlisted entries and winners very soon.

Designer Rugs