Project Team

design: Zohra Boukhari

Award-winning Moroccan Designer and Interior Decorator, Zohra Boukhari, cooperated with Four Points Sheraton to bring a unique atmosphere of Indonesian Heritage mixed with a warm feeling of comfort and well being.

“We set our feet in Indonesia a couple of decades ago and immediately fell in love with the country’s rich culture and art. All of the furniture pieces and fabrics as well as accessories were sourced in Indonesia”, said Zohra Boukhari.

With her love for Indonesia, Zohra brought her originality and attention to detail from the lobby, lounge, eatery to the rooftop. Thus, she cared in her cooperation with Four Points Sheraton to bring to each of these hotel areas a one of a kind design signature with different coluor scheme, art and furniture pieces.

The rich Indonesian culture is expressed to a great extent with noble unique materials such as teck wood, rattan, and copper. A warm feeling of hospitality is shown through a beautiful palette of warm colors from vibrant red to stunning orange.

Drawing her influences from her native homeland of Morocco and the tropics of Asia, Zohra has a distinct eye for art, artifact and antique collections. Her touch is distinguishable, immediately recognizable and to great acclaim.

Zohra’s vast body of work has been internationally recognized by numerous journalists with articles more notably in publications such as Elle Deco, L’ Art de Voyager, Madame Figaro and Cipria that have all celebrated her originality in bringing to life a warm universe inspired from her unconditional love for Indonesia.