Project Team

Interior Design:Babey Moulton
Architect: Didier Lefort
Architect: Pierre-Jean Picart

The architecture of Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora is the fruit of a unique collaboration that brings together the cosmopolitan flair of Paris-based architect Didier Lefort and the modern elegance of San Francisco design firm Babey Moulton with the Polynesian authenticity of renowned South Pacific architect Pierre-Jean Picart.

The Resort was developed with the natural setting in mind, its installations designed to harness the location’s ample natural light and prevailing breezes to reduce lighting and air conditioning needs. The Island’s lush native vegetation includes some 100 mature coconut palms, and an on-site nursery nurtures additional native vegetation. Masons

fashioned walls using volcanic stone from the neighbouring Taha’a island, while interior pillars were made of merbau timber.

Traditional thatched-leaf roofs adorn every building at the Resort, made from the leaves of the indigenous pandanus tree, grown on local plantations and woven by local craftsmen. In typical Polynesian fashion, the pandanus leaves overhang on all sides of each building for cover from the tropical sun. Inside, hardwood floors and walls are stained in a light palette that suggests driftwood or coral, while lagoon windows fill the space with magical, turquoise-tinted sunlight as it reflects off the water.