Project Team

design: Red Design Group

The Grosvenor Hotel was a typical ‘local’ with standard pub fare but with the gentrification of East St Kilda and the increase of families in the area, the Hotel’s owners saw an opportunity to upgrade the venue to appeal to the new demographic.  They embarked on a highly ambitious refurbishment, completely reconfiguring the layout and concept of the hotel.

With the brief of “creating an extension of one’s home”, Red Design Group set out to enhance the original features of the 1800’s building such as the striking timber beams throughout the bar area and the tall cathedral like ceiling, mixing them with a more contemporary urban, raw and honest feel.

A significant structural change enabled the creation of the al fresco area that faces Brighton Rd.  The façade was demolished to incorporate a bar connecting the space back through to the interior.

The dining room with its al la carte menu is an authentic, rich and satisfying representation of a European classic.  Banquette seating frames the room with louvered windows allowing silhouette views out.

The kitchen reflects an Italian home, displaying all of the antipasti, including an assortment of hanging cured meats and cheeses, with the mosaic tiled wood fired pizza oven being the central focus.

“It’s now a hotel for modern life.  It’s all about the good things in life:  good food and drink, good service and good value in stylish but unpretentious surroundings,”  Darren Hose, Design Principal