Project Team

project director: Tom Walker – MIC Projects
project designer: Samantha Eades


lighting: Spence & Lyda, TicTail

Hana was inspired by a Hawaiian beach town in Maui. Relaxed vibes, amazing fresh seafood, great cocktails. The owner wanted it to be an immersive experience where it transforms you to a chic tiki atmosphere in urban Melbourne.

We needed to incorporate the two Hawaiian elements of jungle and beach into a space in a fun, immersive atmosphere.

The space called for finishes that had a sleek sophisticated feel while maintaining a fun, relaxed “Hawaiian” feel to the space. The use of brass and smoked mirror was offset with bamboo, fun palm printed wallpaper and heavily oxidised brass adding layers and texture to the space. The space is finished with some quirky wall lighting, and a vertical garden wall embellished with some witty neon lighting.

Our vision was for the wallpaper print to continue down through the banquette seat material  as one fluid piece. Due to the large scale of the palm print and the different finishes to the wallpaper and banquette seat fabric, the challenge was to make these two elements work together and look cohesive.

We worked closely with Sparkk fabrics to select suitable substrates to print the artwork onto.

The second challenge to this element was ensuring that the print from the wall to the banquette aligned perfectly. This meant having the wallpaper installer and joiner to collaborate to ensure this would align. A lot of coordination was involved but this element looks great in the space.

Inspiration was drawn from the materials themselves that represent the feel of ‘the road to Hana’. The ‘road to Hana’ encompassed both beach and jungle elements. We looked at artful ways to incorporate bamboo, palm leaf and colour into the space to encapsulate this environment.

The ‘tongue in cheek’ branding elements by Aron Tzimas also contributed to the spaces fun vibrant atmosphere.