HC Group at Club Maitland City

HC Group is proud to present the recently refurbished areas within Club Maitland City.  We outline below the project and our design process which is currently revolutionising the club industry in NSW enabling decision makers to make decisions quickly and drive their business forward sooner.

Stage 1 – The Brief
Working with Club CEO Ian Martin and 2IC Mel Norley, the aim was to transform the existing large open planned and dated lounge, Sports Bar and TAB areas into an attractive and desirable destination point ,full of atmosphere that would cater for the wider audience. The design brief focused on developing 3 new areas including a private enclosure operating as a café lounge by day and cocktail lounge by night, an upmarket and casual main lounge dividing a new Sports and TAB Bar, with fresh seating outside to complete the experience.

Stage 2 – The Design Workshop
Where the magic happens! We invited Ian, Mel and their team to our design studio and showroom to participate in our interactive 3D design workshop, a highly fun and rewarding day that takes a vision from your head and transforms it onto a computer, a real life 3D experience.

The concept design incorporating traffic flow, space planning, the look, selection of all furniture and finishes, lighting and paint colours along with budgetary costings were workshopped in less than 8 hours.

Stage 3 – Board presentation and order
Our design team spent a further three days to complete the finished look at which time Ian and Mel received multiple 3D renders of their new space along with full project costings and a drive through video giving them the necessary material to present to their Board for approval. The images and video allowed them to promote their new look throughout the club for all to see.
The design, product and budget were approved quickly and within 2 weeks, the project was given the green light. We manufactured and installed on time and on budget and the new look has been well received by all.

In Conclusion
HC Group’s revolutionary and unique approach offers Clubs a much needed alternative solution to cosmetic upgrades saving thousands of dollars in design fees and several weeks, if not months, of the protracted decision making process. Clubs can take an idea, design, select all product and finishes, cost the project and be in a position to proceed within just 2 weeks.

So if you’re considering an upgrade to any space within your club, please contact us to see how we can support you.

HC Group