Hobnail Pendant

The hobnail glass pendant light is a stunning thick glass, mid century pendant. It’s got a unique glass dome shade with a black braided pendant cord fitting. It’s also a light with a truly vintage character and story; Hobnail was made popular in the early 1900’s as an art deco glass design. It was characterized by its smokey “knobbed” glass, and continued to lead the glass market when other designs failed during the great depression.

Today hobnail is revived as a hallmark of Mid Century modern décor, a trend marked by bold colours and unique accessories. It can be difficult to pick the right accessory or centerpiece for this layout, but the Hobnail is a great pendant to start, or end with. It’s finely detailed shade, means it not only has the design quirks worthy of the loudest layouts, but also carries the grace of a more minimalist style.

Fat Shack Vintage