HTW’s Woven Luxury Carpet

Woven Luxury – because natural beauty is true luxury. With a high quality wool content, the best features of predominantly natural renewable raw materials are united in our Axminster qualities.

A mixture of hard-wearing English and New Zealand sheep wool creates the  basis for a very special sense of space and well-being. The optimal composition also ensures that carpets are durable and hard-wearing.

WovenLuxury combines all the positive properties of wool – a natural fibre: Decision-makers will appreciate its durability, high acoustic efficiency, excellent resilience, its natural flame  retardant properties and its efficiency through the reduction of heat loss.

For all of those who’ll care for the maintenance of the products, they show their best quality: they’re easy to clean, stain resistant, and even resistant to fungus and mould thanks to its inherently  low pH.

And finally, for those who’ll enjoy the products, they stand for priceless comfort thanks to the high tread comfort, their positive influence on the indoor climate and their moisture-regulating  properties. All this together is true luxury.

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