Inside the Tai Ping Axminister Factory

1956 by Tai Ping is Tai Ping’s premium global hospitality brand, serving the carpet needs for high end commercial interiors from hotels to entertainment, to corporate, healthcare and casinos. 1956 by Tai Ping draws from a library of over 10,000 proprietary patterns and yarn colours to create woven Axminster, hand–tufted, machine–tufted, and Axminster carpet tile designs that surpass the industry standard.

Their offering includes Axminster carpet that is manufactured as a single woven construction and is the most durable carpet available. 1956 by Tai Ping’s Axminsters are recognized as the highest quality offering yarn blends such as premium New Zealand Wool and nylon: sturdy and stylish, they have been designed and engineered specifically for high-traffic areas.

  • Available in 100% Nylon, 100% wool or 80/20 blends
  • Tufted or woven construction
  • Australian Carpet Institute ECS level 3 rating
  • Unlimited design possibilities

Have a look inside their factory in this video:

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