Project Team

design: Techne Architecture + Interior Design
builder: Schiavello
structural engineer: Aurecon
building surveyor: Thomas Nicolas
services engineer: Umowlai
kitchen consultant: Chris Love


furniture: PGR Furniture

Long Chim is a reinterpretation of the essence of Thai hospitality, urbanity and street life into the contemporary Melbourne and Crown context. Long Chim is social, share food, bar focused and high energy.

Techne stripped back the refined layers of the existing restaurant tenancy to expose the raw and robust qualities of the space. Celebrate the volume, but temper the natural light and create a more atmospheric ambience with artificial lighting.

They wanted to create a contemporary restaurant and bar space in a raw, honest and robust manner. Create playful and vibrant moments through unexpected and subtle pops of colour in furniture, discreet surface treatments and artwork. Delight the visual senses.

Create a space of textures. A softness achieved through the layering of robust finishes like mesh, grilles and lattices.

Balance the rugged utilitarian base design with moments of refinement and humanity. Tactile and refined details to tables and bars, coat hooks, handrails etc.

Entry + external screens reference patterned Bangkok Street paving.

Lighting: Generally low level of lighting for intimacy, good contrast between light and shade. Directional downlights over tables to highlight food.

Tuscany 450

Tuscany 450 is a chair-height stool made of powder-coated steel. It’s stackable for ease of storage.

PGR Furniture